Apr 27 2017

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ADCB Active Saver Account

Special Features of Active Saver

  • It is instant – It takes less than 5 minutes to set up your account, and because it�s all done online there’s no need to visit any branch. You can setup up to 5 Active Saver Accounts through ADCB Personal Internet Banking.
  • Save more, earn more – Interest is calculated daily, and with tiered interest rates, so the more you save the more you earn.
  • Ease and convenience – Pay credit card bills, make fund transfers, redeem TouchPoints, credit funds for Red Crescent and open fixed deposits – at your convenience, at the click of a button.
  • Flexibility – Online access anywhere, anytime means you can manage your savings outside Bank hours
  • Get an Active habit – Transferring money into your Active saver account is just a mouse click away, so it’s easier to develop a regular saving habit.
  • Encourages saving – With no ATM card or chequebook, there is less temptation to withdraw your hard-earned savings.

Quick Account Opening

Opening an Active Saver account is quick and easy!

  • Complete the Online Active Saver application form. This will generate your account number online.
  • Once you have an Account Number, an ADCB representative will visit you to collect a copy of your passport and residence visa. You do not need to visit a branch!
  • Please ensure you have the original of these documents for our representative to verify the copies.

Save more, earn more:

The higher your daily account balance, the higher the rate of interest you will earn.

Daily Account Balance

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